Let's face it, running a business is hard work. BUT there are ways of making it easier for yourself. Some people like to be in control and don't want to automate systems but for the love of yourself and those around you look into it. They can take so much stress away from you. Sure they take a bit of work to set up but once done you can relax and it is one less thing you have to worry about.

I LOVE Automated Systems! Below is a list of my favourites

1 - Acuity Scheduling! 

Holy - this is my utmost favourite! I could go on and on about this program and its quite inexpensive to start with. Not only is it a great booking app, but you can automate emails, reminders, questionnaires to be sent out.

I love this service so much I am an affiliate so if you are looking to sign up, click the link below and you too will fall in love and can become an affiliate also! https://acuityscheduling.com/?kw=YToxNTk1NDk2NA%3D%3D

2. Canned Responses 

Ever feel like you are typing the same email again and again and again? If you use gmail, you can simply turn on canned responses and have all the common things you say right there. It is super convenient! I still personalise my emails, but if it is something I repeat all the time I will create a canned response. I'm sure there is something similar for outlook, if not though, try creating a word document for yourself.

3. Social Media Scheduling 

I am a sucker when it comes to posting on Instagram and Facebook. I have all these good ideas to post but you don't want to bombard your audience all at once and then I forget all the ideas i had when it comes time to post. So now I schedule my social media for Monday mornings and I use one of the many programs out there to post my content for me! It is super easy and so easy to see what  you are posting and when. https://later.com/r/e5c2d7- this link will give you an extra 10 posts free per month!

4. Automated Email responders 

I know I hate the feeling when I send and email and I don't know if they have received it. Hence why I set up an automated email responder. In my email I thank them for the email, tell them my working hours and when they can expect a response. I find this is great for setting expectations and that way you also don't have someone on the other end getting cranky you haven't responded.

5. Dubsado

This is a FANTASTIC Client Management System, not only does this have your basic bookkeeping features, but it allows you to track your projects, set up automatic workflows and send automatic emails!!! So much goodness in this web based program!! If you are interested, click this link to receive 20% off your first month or year! (Dont worry you can trial for free for as long as you want for up to 3 clients! https://www.dubsado.com/?c=willowandquinn