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Email Housekeeping

Anyone else start to feel very overwhelmed when your email account reaches double digits?!

I am usually pretty organised when it comes to emails, however the last few weeks have been particularly busy for me so haven't been keeping on top of it, now I'm very close to hitting three digits and I keep ignoring it hoping it will magically look after itself. Of course its not going to so today I invested an hour to sort it out properly.

Here are my top Tips

  1. Try and empty your inbox daily. Think of your inbox as an actual mailbox. You wouldn't keep mail sitting in there forever so why do it to your inbox. This is a tip I learnt from Cyril Peupion's Book Work Smarter: Not Harder (brilliant book, helped me get super organised, highly recommend reading it).
  2. If I can action something in less than 5 minutes I will do it right there and then so I can get it out of my inbox.
  3. UNSUBSCRIBE from all the marketing emails you do not read. You know the ones you have intentions of reading but you never quite get around to it. Just unsubscribe, you wont read them and it's one less thing you have to read later on.
  4. Have folders for your emails. I have 2 emails accounts - one for my business and personal. Some people prefer to have only the one. Either way having folders to separate each different type of emails make things much easier to sort through and revert back to. Some of the folders I use are: To do, Finance (Receipts/docs for tax time), Follow up, Important Docs, Client Folders, Promotions, Resources, Tutes, URGENT etc
  5. Delete all the emails you don't need saving you storage which will save you money!
  6. Set up filters. Filters are your friend. I have certain emails they have sent straight to folders. I will read these emails when I get down time or if I am winding down for bed.
  7. Designate a time to check your emails. Allow 30 minutes to attend to emails. I tend to check mine first thing in the morning, before lunch and just before end of day.
  8. Respond to emails within 24 hours, once replied, file it away in a completed folder.

Good luck! There is no better feeling when you see that empty inbox.