Starting a business is super exciting, most often than not you get off to a running start but sometimes things start to slow down, your not making as many sales as you were in the beginning, your not growing, everything is coming to a halt.

There can be many reasons for this and believe it or not is happens to most businesses, the point is to recognise these barriers that are stopping you from succeeding and take action.

Below are just some barriers that may be affecting you and your business.

1. Too much time in the day to day

You are trying to do everything. Finance, marketing, sales, operating.
Try to outsource these tasks to those who specialise in thee areas. They will do it much quicker and easier than you because it is their sole focus and you can then focus on other aspects of your business. It may be hard to do this if you have just started out but sometimes you need to spend money to make money.
VA's (Virtual Assistants) can be perfect for this! Many VA's are multi talented and have a wide range of skills.
Another great way to get some extra time back is to automate some of your tasks - Check out my article on some tasks that I have automated here

2. You Don't know what your next step is

Maybe you just have no idea where to start?!
If that sounds familiar there are a few options you can look at:
- Hire a Business Coach - there are MANY great business coaches out there, try and find someone who specialises in your industry so they can be specific in their approach with you and your business (always check testimonials and references)
- Enrol in a Business Course, whether it be a Certificate, Diploma, Short Course, more often than not these courses contain a huge amount of information and resources.
- Go to Seminars - Depending where you are located, there tends to be many amazing seminars/workshops you can attend, there are also some great ones online.
- Find yourself a Mentor (preferably in your industry)- You will find that a lot of Business Owners don't mind helping those out who are just starting, they have been there and done that and like to pass on their knowledge.

3. Too proud to ask for help.

This one is a bit of a big one and sometimes we are guilty of this without realising.
You think you know it all and you don't need any help. If you want to grow... you need some guidance and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. So swallow that pride and ask for some assistance, no one is going to judge you, and if they do you don't want help from them anyway, find someone you can connect with - again business coach or mentor is the best way to go.

4. Is your product the right fit.

Sure you are getting sales, but is it hitting the mark?
Is there a way you can increase customer satisfaction?
Ask your customers! Do surveys, get feedback, there might be something you can do slightly better or improve, something you might not of even thought of.

5. Lack of processes.

Maybe everything is going really well, you have sales going out the door, so much so you can't keep up, you feel stressed and might be fumbling through it.
You should be enjoying your business and the beginning of your business is the perfect time to set up processes.
You cannot grow with proper process in place, and would you really want to increase your workload and continue to fumble through it... Someone think of your poor hair because I am sure it will start to fall out.
Take the time to set up processes and do things properly. Sure sometimes shit happens and force things out of whack but if things run smoothly 90% of the time that one incident wont seem so bad. It is worth it it will make things much easier for yourself and future employees and the best thing, once something is in place it can always be adjusted.

6. Lack of focus

Ah yes as entrepreneurs, we tend to have that "Let's Do This" attitude and we get very excited about all the ideas that are constantly popping in our head almost like we have "Ohh Shiny Object Syndrome", however this is a double edged sword.
If you are focussing on too many things, you won't be able to do anything well, and more often than not you won't finish a lot of the projects you are attempting, because you will be distracted by a new idea half way through.
The best thing to do is focus on one area/idea at a time. Take the time to develop it, create it and do it well. Only then should you move on to your next idea.
I have all sorts of ideas in my head believe me, so I have my "Ideas" book ready to action, but I will not shift my focus until I finish what I am working on right now.

So what steps are you going to overtake to get past what is holding you and your business back?